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Taking a Winter break!

I’m going to be taking a short break from creating new content for both this page as well as my Facebook Page, Jonathan Jones History.  

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Historic Liberty Jail

My wife was concerned that I was considering joining the Mormon religion after watching “Under the Banner of Heaven” on Hulu.  While joining up was

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Far West Settlement

This will be the second in an unofficial series of posts relating to the history of the Mormons in Missouri.  If you haven’t read the

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 Border War Tour

Border War Tour takes the reader to the locations where Civil War events occurred.  Some of these sites are well-known, while others are just spots on the road.  Whether you are a history buff or just want to get out of the house, Border War Tour provides all that is needed to visit and understand the sites that greatly impacted local history during the Civil War.

Border War Tour is a must-read for those interested in the Civil War and its impact on the Missouri/Kansas border region.  The descriptions and images of each site bring the story to life for visitors and remote readers alike.



 Moonlit Mayhem

Moonlit Mayhem:  Quantrill’s Raid of Olathe Kansas tells the story of the Border War from the Bleeding Kansas years to the rise of Quantrill and eventually to the raid on Olathe on September 6, 1862.  Moonlit Mayhem provides a view of life, on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas border.  In addition, short summaries of events before and after the Olathe Raid, give the reader a complete picture of the events and key players on both sides. 

Moonlit Mayhem is packed with over 100 color images and maps showing the modern locations of historic events.  This meticulously researched work provides an easy to understand book on the Border War and its impact on the residents of the border counties.   There were no winners and losers in the Border War, all the residents of the border counties suffered.  Moonlit Mayhem tells their story.

Moonlit Mayhem by Jonathan Jones


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October 19th:  I will be speaking to the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War in Lees Summit at 10:30 am.


Stay tuned for more events coming soon!  If you would like me to present to your group, contact me at admin@jonathanjonesauthor.com.