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Moonlit Mayhem:  Quantrill’s Raid of Olathe Kansas tells the story of the Border War from the Bleeding Kansas years to the rise of Quantrill and eventually to the raid on Olathe on September 6, 1862.  Moonlit Mayhem provides a view of life, on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas border.  In addition, short summaries of events before and after the Olathe Raid, give the reader a complete picture of the events and key players on both sides. 

Moonlit Mayhem is packed with over 100 color images and maps showing the modern locations of historic events.  This meticulously researched work is a must for anyone looking for an easy to understand book on the Border War and its impact on the residents of the border counties.   There were no winners and losers in the Border War, all the residents of the border counties suffered.  Moonlit Mayhem tells their story.



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John Brown's Cabin
Border War Tour: John Brown's Cabin

Check out the latest installment of the Border War Tour.  This stop is a little different.  The stop itself discussed John Brown’s cabin in Osawatomie but then I talk about the Showtime series “Good Lord Bird” starring Ethan Hawke. Jonathan Jones History.

William "Billy" Pellett
Monthly Column in the JOCO Gazette: Olathe's first mayor, William, "Billy" Pellett

Thanks for supporting my work in the Johnson County Gazette.  The April 9th edition contains my latest column on Olathe’s first mayor, William Pellett.  Pellet was taken prisoner during Quantrill’s raid of Olathe, details of which can be found in my new book.  Get your copy today. Follow this link to see the full column in the JOCO Gazette.

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