Moonlit Mayhem available for purchase

I am pleased to announce that my first book, “Moonlit Mayhem: Quantrill’s Raid of Olathe, Kansas”, is now available.

All formats (paperback, Kindle, and eBook) should be available wherever books are sold. If the paperback version is not available in your local bookstore, ask them to order it.  The book can also be purchased via my website at .  I will sign all copies that are purchased from my website.

As a thank you to my Facebook followers and website visitors who have taken this journey with me, I want to provide a $5 per order discount for buyers who purchase a signed paperback version of the book at Please use the code “MOON521” to get this discount from my site. If you want to purchase multiple signed copies (which would be great) please contact me at and I will provide a code to give you the appropriate discount.

Moonlit Mayhem, is the story of Quantrill’s Raid on Olathe, Kansas, but it is much more than that. In addition to many details about the city of Olathe in 1862, the book contains over 100 color maps and images to help the reader understand what life was like for the residents in Missouri and Kansas during the Border war.

Reviews on book sites are much appreciated as those are a significant driver of Amazon’s search algorithms. I’d also love to hear any comments

you have about the book, feel free to send those to me at or post directly on my Jonathan Jones History Facebook page. Enjoy.

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