Cover Reveal: Hippie War

I’m thrilled to show everyone the cover for my next book, “Hippie War: Battle for the Harrisonville Square”. For those of you who enjoy seeing how

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Taking a Winter break!

I’m going to be taking a short break from creating new content for both this page as well as my Facebook Page, Jonathan Jones History.  

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Historic Liberty Jail

My wife was concerned that I was considering joining the Mormon religion after watching “Under the Banner of Heaven” on Hulu.  While joining up was

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Far West Settlement

This will be the second in an unofficial series of posts relating to the history of the Mormons in Missouri.  If you haven’t read the

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Haun’s Mill Massacre

The Haun’s Mill Massacre came to my attention while Jill and I were watching the Hulu show, Under the Banner of Heaven, starring Andrew Garfield. 

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The Orphan Train

Check out my latest article on the Orphan Train which was printed in the July 15 edition of the Johnson County Gazette. Orphan Trains were

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Huron Cemetery Sign

Huron/Wyandot Cemetery

The Huron Indian Cemetery, also known as the Wyandot National Burying Ground, is located at 631 Minnesota Ave, Kansas City, Kansas.  Wyandot and Huron are

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Municipal Stadium

Kansas City Municipal Stadium was located at 2123 Brooklyn Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.  If you are approaching from the north, you will drive past Arthur

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Mary Sibley Presentation

I was honored to be asked to speak with the Mary Sibley Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Harrisonville on Saturday, April

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Quindaro Townsite

There is very little remaining of the town of Quindaro, Kansas today.  A modern park shelter now sits atop the bluff that overlooks the riverfront

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History of Lenexa

Check out my latest article in the January 28th edition of the JOCO Gazette.  This month’s article takes a look at the history of Lenexa,

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burning image, 9 22 1861 published in border outlaws 1880 by James Buel_300

The Sacking of Osceola

Early on the morning of September 22, 1861, Lane, and his men, calling themselves “Lane’s Brigade”, rode into town and after trading small arms fire

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Lawrence Kansas

A traveler cannot understand the Border War without a visit to Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence is located about 30 miles west of Kansas City and was

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baseball card

Luther Dummy Taylor

Check out my latest column in the November 17 edition of the Johnson County Gazette.   This article is entitled, KSD’s Luther “Dummy” Taylor, World Series

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