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Cover Design for second book

Sneak Peek for the cover design for my second book, “The Border War Tour: A Traveler’s Guide to Civil War Sites on the Missouri/Kansas Border”.
I’m pleased to announce that my second book “Border War Tour”, is being finalized and I expect a release date in the early spring of 2022. The images with this post show the progression and some of the other ideas that were considered for the cover for that book.
Final Sales update for Moonlit Mayhem:
I wanted to provide a final sales update for those that have been following the sales for my first book, Moonlit Mayhem. The sales have slowed down considerably and I have basically stopped actively marketing the book. I think the book has done fairly well, but to be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect. I have sold slightly over 300 copies between all sources which include my own website, Amazon, and wholesale catalogs.
I have also sold many books at the farmer’s market as well as at personal appearances that I make at clubs and groups around the area. I am still taking requests for appearances and have a couple more scheduled in the spring. The book is in most area libraries and available in most area bookstores. I never really cracked the Olathe market nor the area schools, but I still have some feelers out and it may just take a while for those areas to “find” my book.
As I’ve said many times if anyone has any ideas of groups for me to present a program to or contacts that might help me get into area schools, tell them to give me a call. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a book and for those of you that follow my page on Facebook or on my website If you haven’t gotten your copy of Moonlit Mayhem yet, what are you waiting for? It would make a great Christmas Gift for anyone in your family. Use the code “XMAS” to get free shipping on your copy which should be delivered before Christmas as long you order quickly.
Merry Christmas,

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