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New Book Announcement

One of the ways that I make decisions on my book projects is by looking at the popularity of posts on my blog. My most popular post ever in the three years I have been writing this blog was my post on Amarugia. With that interest in mind, I have decided that my next book will be about the Kingdom of Amarugia.

For those that have no knowledge of the Kingdom of Amarugia, it is a small section of southern Cass County, Missouri, which is located just south of Kansas City. What makes this area interesting is the fact that from approximately 1830 – 1915 Amarugia was ruled by a King.
I know it sounds crazy but that is the story and that is the topic that I will be researching. For more information re-read my initial post which can be found at this link:
I already have the two books that have been written about the area as well as any newspaper/magazine that are electronic. I’m reaching out to this group to help me find the following:
• Anyone with stories about Amarugia
• Pictures of artifacts for places that I can use
• Any writing, newspapers, journals etc. that have information about the area. As I said, I have most things that can be found electronically, I’d be looking for things that are not available. For example, maybe the library in town X has a copy of the Amarugia Gazette that I can only view in that library. (Amarugia Gazette is not a real thing, or is it?)
• Historical information about people and places in the area.
If you have or know of anyone that can help me with some of these items, I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me at .
I’m in the very early stages of this project, which will probably take a year or so, but I’m excited to get started, I will keep everyone updated on my progress on this book.
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