Olathe Mill 2nd story

Ott’s Mill

Check out my latest article in the June 11 edition of the Johnson County Gazette about Olathe’s historic Ott’s Mill building on East Cedar Street. If you have been following my column, you know that I am a direct descendent of C.M. Ott, who built the mill in 1868, making it the second oldest building in Olathe behind the Mahaffie House. My great-great-grandfather, Charles Ott lived in the house from 1923 until his death in 1956.
Pick up a copy of the Gazette at a local Johnson County business or check it out online at http://jocogazette.com/images/2021-6-11.lowrez.pdf. The article can be found in the lower right corner of page 1 and then continued on page 7. There is a typo that says the article is continued on page 9, but it is actually page 7.

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