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Project Update – June 2022

An American’s Guide to European Travel

I will be releasing a new travel book in July.  While on a recent trip to Greece with my wife to celebrate our 30th anniversary (it’s now 32 years but Covid put a wrench in our travel plans), I decided to write a short little guide for Americans traveling in Europe.  We have visited Europe 10+ times over the last 30 years and felt that we had several tips and suggestions that might be helpful to those who had not been there before.  

This new book is short, 72 pages, cheap, $7.99, and contains many answers to questions that many people planning a trip to Europe would search for prior to traveling.  Hopefully, it will be interesting and people will find it useful.  I expect it to be officially released near the end of July.  As always, the book will be available via my website at

Harrisonville Square Shooting Project

This project is ongoing, in the last six weeks I have interviewed several people who had knowledge of the event. It’s been interesting in that I am finding that some of the “well-known” facts about the event did not happen exactly as it has been depicted in the media. 

I am still desperately looking for individuals who had personal contact with the hippies up on the square.  If you are such a person, or if you know such a person, please reach out to me at  I will work with whomever to facilitate the interviews, which can be done in person, over the phone, or on zoom.  I am also looking for anyone who has images from that time.  I have received some but still would like more of the actual participants in the horrific event. 

I want to make sure the story is told in a balanced way, and I need more information, particularly from the hippie side to make that happen.  Thanks to all the folks I have already spoken to and I look forward to speaking with those I have on the schedule for July. 

I still have a long way to go on this project but am enjoying the research part of the effort.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

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