Ray County Presentation

I was honored to speak at the David Whitmer Symposium last Saturday, this was changed to an online event, but the program was recorded so more people may be able to watch. My part of the program begins at the 06.25 mark and lasts for approximately 40 minutes. In my presentation, I dig into the 1860 Ray County Slave Census, I also talk about what created Bushwhacker groups like Quantrills, and then wrap up with the Funeral of Bloody Bill Anderson in Richmond, over 40 years after his death.
The slave situation in Ray County was similar to the situation in the other border and river counties in Missouri at the time.  For this reason, I think the presentation will be interesting to residents of all of the border counties, not just those in Ray County. Click the link below to watch the presentation. 

Jonathan Jones at the David Whitmer Symposium

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